Concrete Restoration

Just like wood, concrete needs to be restored every once in a while. Maybe not as often as wood because concrete is a much more durable material, but even so, it has not been able to pass the test of time.
It can crack, start to change in color and in some cases even begin to break off.
Restoring concrete to its original state is not something you can do alone, you’ll need a skilled contractor with vast experience in concrete restoration to ensure the job is done right. Not only are we an established concrete contractor, we also possess the necessary skills and equipment needed to take on the task of restoring concrete.

With a great amount of high-rise buildings in Florida being built over 35 years ago, many of these structures may be a hazard to their residents due to the deterioration of the aging concrete. We work with only the best certified engineers who are licensed to do Florida’s mandatory 30 and 40 year inspections to ensure your building is up to code and safe for its residents.

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